Equally important to everyone

Question: How can we prepare for a convention so that it will feel like it is the most important convention ever?

Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman: The next convention is always more important than its predecessor. Firstly, it is because we are growing and evolving, and accordingly we choose the convention’s name, its lessons, and that which is most important to us for now. That is why the convention is important. Also, it is important because it is about connection, which is important to us, to the world, and to the Creator. According to our sources, there is nothing else. This is the correction of the Kli of Adam HaRishon. We achieve what we do only to the extent that we succeed in keeping ourselves in a direction of connection. Degrees of connection are degrees of progress and of our spiritual development. This is what we need to discover, think about, and understand. In our effort, we need to enter the connection such that we start feeling the essence of the connection. It is like you activate the same device more and more, and then you start to feel it responding. Feeling the group operating as one man is already progress. Hopefully, we will start to feel every group, every person in every group, and all of us together. There is great strength in the inspiration and enlivenment between the groups—it increases the strength of every group. I very much hope that in this convention, I will also reach a special degree that I have previously been unable to reach. I’m serious. It’s important to me. This convention is important to me. In this convention, I intend to reach an even greater power of connection, by all means, to the Creator.