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Come to the festival of joy!

Amigos, kli olami, we invite you to sign up for the congress – a very important congress. This is the union of all the friends in your ten, and we ask everyone to sign up. If anyone is having difficulty, please contact us. The congress is on August 27-28, and from now on until the congress we want to organize meetings in Arvut and we need all friends from all tens to be in this zoom. At 5:45 am, come with an open heart and lots of love so that we can meet for 15-20 minutes at our festival and carnival of joy.

At the congress to reveal the Creator

Let us try to prepare ourselves for the state so that we can already now enter into the thought and desire to unite, and in this unity we will reach such a state between us when we reveal the Creator. Because the Creator (Heb. “Boreh”) is “come and see” (Heb. “Bo uReh”), “you made Me,” as He says. After all, in the connection between us, we connect like puzzles, we connect many parts. And suddenly we rise to such a vision: “Wait a second, what happened to us?! After all, these are not our parts – we have built the image of the Creator between us!” If I may say so, an image, a picture of the Creator between us. This is what we must do.