At the congress to reveal the Creator

Question: We have done everything you asked, Rav. And now we’re asking, as far as the last 12 hours are concerned, what more can we do to come ready to the convention, to make it a real gathering?

Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman: We are building a Kli and eventually we will reveal the Creator in this Kli. This is our task, this is our goal, which should lift us above this world into the spiritual world, from death to life. This is what we must achieve. And everything depends only on the connection of thoughts and hearts.

Let us try to prepare ourselves for the state so that we can already now enter into the thought and desire to unite, and in this unity we will reach such a state between us when we reveal the Creator. Because the Creator (Heb. “Boreh”) is “come and see” (Heb. “Bo uReh”), “you made Me,” as He says. After all, in the connection between us, we connect like puzzles, we connect many parts. And suddenly we rise to such a vision: “Wait a second, what happened to us?! After all, these are not our parts – we have built the image of the Creator between us!” If I may say so, an image, a picture of the Creator between us. This is what we must do.

Meaning, we must try—against our desire, against some things that are pleasant and beautiful for our egoistic desire. But we don’t have a choice. So we try, we try to create unity between us, and then it happens, as it is said, “you made Me.”

We want to be in aspiration, in thought for this, and let us hope that from now on we will think only about this. And today—at the gathering of friends, a special one, and tomorrow—at the morning lesson. And so it will happen during these two days—in this aspiration, in the connection between us, in order to reveal the concept of the “Creator.” So we exist in this. Good luck! L’chaim!