Why Is Every Daily Lesson Like a Convention?

Question: What is the difference between a convention lesson and a daily lesson?

Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman: Everything depends on the extent of importance in our Kli, in our deficiency. However, truly, the gathering (Heb. “Kinus”), the connection (Heb. “Hibur”), is the whole matter, and it all depends on how seriously we relate to it, and make that happen. Thus, there is no difference.

Every lesson is like a convention. Do you know how many thousands of people connect to our lesson? It is more than can fit in our large convention hall. Even right now, there are more men and women [in the lesson] than can fit in the convention hall. 

Question: What can we do as your students to help each other understand that, to find that each lesson is equally as important, if not more so, than lessons at the convention?

Dr. Laitman: I wish for you to get up before the lesson in a state where you are completely broken, and you have no ability to awaken any muscle in the body, and any muscle in desire—from the desire to receive, and from the desire to bestow—where you want to awaken to the lesson. And “lesson” (Heb. “Shiur”) is called a “portion” (Heb. “Mida”) by which we come closer to each other and to the Creator. That is the concept of a “lesson,” that it is another part, and another part, and another part, where we connect ourselves, and as such, progress. 

I get up before the lesson, I do not know, understand, feel, and I cannot activate myself. Then, gradually—and over the years it turned into a constant and precious process, because afterward, I felt and learned from it—that precisely such an awakening is precious, how the Creator can revive dead bodies. That is truly the “revival of the dead,” which we do to ourselves every day. That is how we awaken. 

So you should not wait for that to happen, but expect it to happen. Then, by the time you reach the lesson, you should be at the climax of enlivenment and inspiration.