There Is Nothing but the Friends

Question: Rabash says, “until I see that there is no other reality in the world other than the friends.” The name of the convention is, “Only the Friends.” What kind of state is this? How can we be only with the friends?

Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman: If I come to a state where I say that there is nothing but the friends, this means that I have come to the complete correction where the whole world is within my friends, in ten Sefirot, and the Creator is also there. And the Creator is revealed only according to the same nature, the same form in which the friends are connected. In this they reveal the Creator to me, through their connection, in the same form, force, and color. All the nuances of their connection is how they reveal the Creator to me.

I do not see the Creator Himself in anything. I see Him through the friends. To the extent that they are connected, and that I can focus my sight on them, to that extent they form in my vision, in my focus, as a ten, and to that extent I discover the Creator who is within the ten as its root.