Spiritual Convention

Question: How can we, as a World Kli, relate to all the opportunities for connection that we have in this upcoming period—such as the unity evening, Passover, and the convention—and realize them in order to prepare our Kelim (vessels)?

Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman: I don’t understand what you’re saying. Are we not doing the same thing now? Don’t we have a convention now between us? Don’t we have a connection between us? Don’t we discuss connection—the extent to which we can connect, adhere, and reveal what should be in the connection? Now, too, we are making a step forward toward our general correction of our Kli. Therefore, our every lesson is a mini-convention. Even when I hear what you discuss in the middle of the day—the prayer, where you speak, pray, or sing—I feel it from that too. 

“Convention” (Heb. “Kenes”) is “gathering” (Heb. “Kinus“), connection. It is the same action. However, “convention” is when we especially prepare ourselves, because a lot depends on preparation, the extent to which you yearn for it and come to it. Afterward, you see whether or not you attained something. Then, if you did not attain what you expected to attain, you then also have a bigger Kli, and as such we progress. 

Question: If there were a physical convention in another month in Israel, then I depict that there would be a different attitude in the World Kli. Also, Passover was a major physical undertaking with its preparations…

Dr. Laitman: I promise you that the moment we will be ready for it, then it will happen. 

The Creator has no problem stopping the pandemic. Also, He has no problem to “make peace in His heights” and “bring peace upon us” (Heb. “Oseh shalom be Meromav,” “yaase shalom aleynu”), where the world will calm down from all the wars and problems, and we will have the time, desire, and the means to attend our convention in Israel or in another place. We held conventions in all kinds of places, and I remember that they were very pleasant. 

We will see. We first need to yearn to be connected among each other in our hearts. That is already a convention. And the spiritual convention that we wish to reach—the connection of all of humanity in the end of correction—will happen when we connect as the center of connection, and then everyone will feel, and they will say, as is written, “then they will say among the nations: the Creator has done great things with these,” which is from a song about returning to Zion. And so it will happen.