Quality work

Question: Besides the speed of progress through the stages of disclosure of these states, is there a quality of progress through them? That is, is it possible to pass a step in a better or worse way?

Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman: Yes, you will discover on the path that there is a hero in quality and a hero in quantity, how to combine these two forms, and that there are several different forms. As it is in our life, we can work in several different ways. How can we do so optimally, to connect everything together in the best way possible? That is what we study. 

However, on the other hand, there is no righteous person on earth who has done good and not sinned: only through many rises and falls do we learn everything. Whenever we do something good, it is a sign that beforehand, we made a mistake, fell, moved away, regretted what we had done, cried, found ourselves incapable, and we discovered weakness, despair, confusion, powerlessness, and a lack of reason. Following this, we turn to the Creator and see that it is impossible. In the end, we find the friends, and we understand that with our friends, we can find unity between us. I am thus very happy that we have a convention ahead of us where we can each, according to our need, find the support of our friends.