It’s time

Question: In the excerpt we just read, it says that you need to be very stubborn in working for the Creator. What is this stubbornness, is it selfishness?

Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman: Stubbornness is not ego, stubbornness is attack, persistence, it is not ego. It might also be on the other side, the altruistic side. Stubbornness is when I consistently act for one goal. This is called stubbornness.

Question: We do this every morning, many times. What is the difference between a daily lesson and convention? Is there a different connection?

Dr. Laitman: I don’t know, I don’t organize the convention. The convention is tomorrow, they will tell us what they mean, why they gather the people, what they want to happen, and what people understand from their intentions. 

I don’t know, don’t dump this on me. I give lessons. That’s all. During these hours, I only teach a lesson, I only teach. I do not even decide what we study. Not a single excerpt that you now read, did I bring to the lesson, and also not the lesson topic. So go and do whatever you like with your guides.

Question: No, I have a different question. Does the convention have more power than the morning lesson?

Dr. Laitman: It all depends on the participants.

Question: What does this mean?

Dr. Laitman: It all depends on the participants, how they will unite, how they will set up, direct themselves, and so on. Who will direct them, and where they will direct them, I don’t know. A convention is a gathering. Do you understand? In fact, I shouldn’t be at the convention. In a pure and true state, I should not be there. At the convention, friends should unite, study the sources together, and over these sources they must connect and activate themselves to pray to the Creator. That’s all. 

A convention is not a lesson. You’re right in that. I agree with you one hundred percent. I hope that maybe now they will hear it from you. It is because, all the time, what they do, in everything they do, they build some kind of program, compose it and give it to me so that I can implement it. And I have nothing to do with this, I have nothing to do with the gathering of friends either. But I was coaxed to be at a gathering of friends once a week so that I can be present there.I initially did not want to participate in it. I thought I would go to spy there, in a way where you would not see me, that I would look and participate from the outside. No. They want me to be there, to speak, to explain, well, as always. Why? It is because it removes all responsibility from them. Then, they don’t care, the Rav has done all this. Well, I have no choice, I do, but I have said this not for the first time that this is not my job.

My job is to give a lesson and nothing more. Everything else that relates to unification between friends, to various group actions, is not me. You must do this among yourselves. You must demand this from the leadership. Not me. I am not a kindergarten teacher.

Question: What am I hearing? Are you redundant at the convention?

Dr. Laitman: I really am, I’m redundant at the convention. At a convention, you have to get together, arrange a gathering, a convention, and do it in such a way that you unite, you learn how to unite. You have learned enough from me and you are implementing it, not that I am doing it.

Question: But this is some kind of fantasy, it is impossible.

Dr. Laitman: It is a problem that people like you think that this is impossible and therefore remain at the same level as before.

Question: What do you advise then?

Dr. Laitman: I advise you to grow up a little. Stop relying on me.

Question: It is very difficult.

Dr. Laitman: It’s good that it’s difficult, and so what? Of course it’s difficult. When people grow up, there are people who are like small children who don’t want to grow up: “I want to stay small. Where is mommy, where is daddy, why did they leave me, why do they let me out, why do they send me somewhere from home, maybe even far from home? Why? Should I go out to work somewhere and be responsible? I am dating some girl, so I bring her home to my mother. And I want her to be like a mother, with her, with mom, under mother?” What kind of childhood is this? What is this backwardness? 

Question: So what do you advise?

Dr. Laitman: I recommend that you stop remaining behind..

Question: Maybe we can do at least one day without you?

Dr. Laitman: And not just one day. Not one day. Let’s say tomorrow we already have our first lesson.

Tomorrow is the first lesson, so until tomorrow you have to decide how you organize the convention and how you manage the convention. How do you build the convention? The convention takes place between friends, and I’m not your friend.

Question: You are more than a friend, we need you. You understand?

Dr. Laitman: How? You will wait until I die, and then you will not know what to do.

Question: God forbid!

Dr. Laitman: What do you mean, “God forbid,” this will surely happen sometime.

Question: Maybe we will die earlier?

Dr. Laitman: This is not a solution either.

Question: Well, what can I tell you? It’s so hard for me to think what it would be like without you.

Dr. Laitman: So you don’t want to decide, you don’t want to be responsible. And you wait for someone to do what they do to you, until they take care of you like a little child.

Question: Let the organizers decide.

Dr. Laitman: Yes, let the organizers decide, it doesn’t matter to you. You want someone to decide, someone to say, and I will accept it. You agree in advance.

Question: It is very difficult for me personally without you. Without you personally, well, seriously, how can I be at the convention?

Dr. Laitman: So I’m interrupting the lesson now. You sing a song, and then you discuss how you will conduct the convention, how you will organize it and how you literally serve yourself during these three days of the convention: both as a teacher, and as a friend, and each as relative to the other, and so all together. And you will achieve what you will achieve. But you will surely grow up that way. Otherwise, I’m not sure if you will grow up at all. That’s it. The time has come when you need to go above reason. Do you agree with me or not? Raise your hands those who agree.