Congress of Unity

Question: Should we invite friends who have distanced themselves from the tens to the convention?

Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman: Yes. Why not? Our convention can be open to all of humanity, because it is a convention of connection that everyone should reach. It is not a convention where we discuss high kabbalistic things, like what is happening over in the world of Nekudim or whatnot. We are discussing a common single rule, the main great rule of the Torah, “Love your friend as yourself,” and its realization. This convention should thus be as wide and as open as possible for everyone, even for those who have heard absolutely nothing before. The problem is that they might be unable to understand, to feel, and to accept it, but in any case, let there be some kind of entrance for them as well. I am for everyone.

Question: We are talking about friends who were in tens, but they left. 

Dr. Laitman: If they left, they can return to the ten again. If a ten decides to accept them, then yes. We need to take care of the expansion of the Kli as much as possible. “In the multitude of people is the king’s glory.” The wider the Kli, the easier it is for it to ascend. Moreover, we cannot rise if there will be no wider and wider base, like how a pyramid requires a very wide foundation. Is it clear?

In spirituality, it is simple, because every time you add ten Sefirot, you need to add all these Sefirot in a mutual incorporation between the Sefirot, and then you always get a natural expansion. Without adding these additional Sefirot to the entire base, in all the stages you go through, then you will be unable to ascend. Ascent is the result of joining the individual Sefirot with more individual Sefirot.